Social Step Groups

We believe that we were all designed to experience authentic community regardless of faith or cultural background.

Our social groups serve as an “on-ramp” to deeper connections and offer a safe, place to connect in basic, fun social settings.

Whether or not you believe in God, we hope you’ll use this as a start to build relationships with others at United City.

Soul Step Groups

Soul Groups are all about taking another step towards meaningful, long-lasting relationships through groups that meet throughout the year and begin to go deeper in issues of faith and the study of the Triune God. These groups are organized primarily around a topic or area of focus.

Presently, we have a couple of groups meeting now, going through this series:

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If interested in participating, please click below:

Serve Step Groups

Because we are all about growing and sending people out into our community filled with the love of God, we desire that all of our groups will become active in loving the city of Indianapolis through various service projects. These projects will continue throughout the year as participants identify areas of passion and importance to their individual groups.